Welcome to the DynCorp International Certification/Compliance Training Program. This web based training tool has been designed to provide employees of DynCorp International and its Subsidiaries with the knowledge needed in preparation for deployment.

This training program is designed to assist you in the event you are faced with making difficult decisions in an effort to protect your life. In addition, to understand and practice safe and healthful work practices.

All training is mandatory, and will comply with government instructions, training media, and certification. Employees must maintain an 80% passing score. If the employee does not make a passing score of 80%, employees must wait one (1) hour prior to retaking the exam(s).

Employees "must" use their legal name

To access training click on the links below:

  1. HR CRC Training
  2. Health & Safety
  3. DynCorp International Learn Center
  4. Additional HR CRC Training
  5. DIDC Candidate Survey