Human Resources CONUS Replacement Center (CRC) Training

Welcome to the DynCorp International Certification/Compliance HR CRC Training program.
This web based training tool has been designed to provide employees of DynCorp International and its Subsidiaries with the knowledge needed in preparation for deployment.

This training program is designed to assist you in the event you are face with making difficult decisions an effort to protect your life. In addition, to understand and practice safe and healthful work practices.

All training is mandatory, and will comply with government instructions, training media, and certification. Employees must maintain a passing score. If the employee does not make a passing score, employees must retake the exam(s).

For best performance use Internet Explorer (IE)

Employees "must" use their legal name
To access training click on the links below:

About Your Employer
Afghanistan Country Study
Afghanistan in Perspective
African Cultural Studies
Antiterrorism Level 1 Training
Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
Combat Trafficking in Persons (CTIPS)
Core Warrior Value Training
Corporate Sexual Harassment Training
Counterinsurgency (COIN)
Country In Perspective
Cyber Awareness Challenge (IA) Training
Cybersecurity Annual Training
Djibouti in Perspective
Department of Army Fraternization Policy
DOD's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program for Civilian Contractors
EU Data and GDPR
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
General Orders
HIPAA Privacy and Security for Business Associates
Human Rights
Insider Threat Awareness and CUI Annual
Iraq in Perspective
ISO Training on Unauthorized Disclosure
Kuwait in Perspective
Lautenberg Certification
Leadership 101: Developing as a DI Leader
LOGCAP IT Applications Overview
New Employee Orientation
Operations Security (OPSEC)
Pashto Rapport Course
Personnel Recovery SERE 100.2 Civilian
Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)
Proper Handling and Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials (PHIM)
Property Control Responsibilities Loss, Theft, Damage and Destruction (LTDD)
Property Management Plan
Safety Awareness
Security Measures and Awareness Refresher Training (SMART)
Sexual Harassment Refresher Training
Sexual Harassment Refresher Training (CA & NY ONLY)
Suicide Prevention
Threat Awareness Reporting Program (TARP)
Timekeeping Accurately Recording Time Worked
TLS New User
Trade Compliance General Awareness
Tribalism in Afghanistan
Tribalism in Iraq

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